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Home Learning


ABCYA  – Literacy games

Spelling shed  – Spelling games and challenges, teachers will provide logins


Maths Shed – Number and Maths games and challenges, teachers will provide logins


Learn Music – Music making

Learn Synths – Synth making


PE with Joe – PE activities to do at home

Cosmic Yoga – Relaxing and motivating Yoga challenges

Home Learning

TTS Group – Home learning activity books

Turtle Diary – Free English and Maths games for all ages

Amaxing Education – Range of Educational Websites for Teachers and Parents

Education City

Other Educational YouTube channels

Maths Kitchen (YouTube video channel)

Draw with Rob (YouTube video channel, Rob Biddulph)

Draw-Along-A-Lenton  (YouTube video channel, Steven Lenton)

TheBrainScoop  (YouTube video channel)

Crash Course Kids (YouTube video channel)

Free School (YouTube video channel)

Geek Gurl Diaries (YouTube video channel)

Geography Focus (YouTube video channel)

The History of Africa, with Zeinab Badawi (YouTube video channel, BBC News Africa) – a 15-part BBC documentary series.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell (YouTube video channel)

Kids Learning Tube (YouTube video channel)

Mike Likes Science (YouTube video channel)

National Geographic Kids (YouTube video channel)

Science Channel (YouTube video channel)

SciShow (YouTube video channel)

SciShow Kids (YouTube video channel)

The Smallpeice Trust  (YouTube video channel)

Science Max (YouTube video channel)

Learn at home with YouTube – a curated list of educational YouTube channels and live streams.


Remote Learning Policy


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