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Medical Needs and Conditions

At Harry Watts Academy, we understand that medical needs are just as vitally important to support as SEND. We prioritise any medical conditions, to ensure that they are safely and effectively supported and managed, to uphold our inclusive environment. No child should be disadvantaged due to a medical condition, therefore we work closely with parents, carers and medical professionals to ensure that all opportunities are available and conditions are understood.

If your child has a medical condition, it is vitally important that you inform us of this, at your earliest convenience. Even if this is managed at home, often conditions can affect presentation and behaviour.

We have a number of staff who are specifically trained in administering medication, so that your child is able to safely receive the medication which they require in school. If your child requires medication in school, please inform us, and we will provide you with a consent to administer medication form. All medication must be prescribed by a doctor or GP; provided in the original container, with the prescription label clear, including the following information:

  • Name of child
  • Date of prescription
  • Dosage and frequency information
  • Administration route

Medications will be locked safely in the medicine cabinet or medical fridge throughout the day; the only exception for this, is medications required for emergency use, such as inhalers, Buccolam or Auto-injectors (such as epi-pens).

We also understand that sometimes pupils require over counter medicines, such as Paracetamol, for pain or fever relief. If your child requires this, we will provide you with an Administering Paracetamol Consent Form. You do not need to provide us with the medication, as we will keep a store of this (both liquid and tablet form) in school. We will always make contact with yourself, prior to administering this medication, via telephone call or Dojo. This is to explain the reason for administering; ensure that there has not been any additional medications given which would affect the use of this medication; to gain consent.

Staff are also trained in specific medical conditions, such as Epilepsy and Anaphylaxsis. We work collaboratively with medical specialists, such as Epilepsy nurse team, and source appropriate online training courses which are specific to more complex medical conditions, to ensure staff are appropriately trained in the risks, signs, and emergency procedures for these.

Where a child has a more complex medical condition, we will create an Individual Health Care Plan, to ensure your child’s needs are effectively managed with additional support required. This will be written with parents/ carers, medical professionals involved, and school staff, to ensure the correct care and support. Risk assessments will be completed where necessary and additional support in place for any offsite activities.

Further information can be found in our Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions policy, which is updated bi-annually.

If you have any questions regarding medical conditions, please contact: