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Our Student Council

Each year, Harry Watts Academy host a Student Council Election Week, where pupils will vote for who they want their school council members to be for the academic year.

For our Engage Pathway, our staff act as advocates for our pupils to help share their voice. 

Our Explore Pathway take part in a vote where pupils can choose their members using photographs and visuals on their ballot papers before posting them into their special boxes.

The Discover Pathway complete applications, take part in campaign speeches to share their ideas, and experience a mock polling station on election day.

Our Student Council will meet once a term to listen to pupils suggestions for school improvements and make action plans to implement their ideas. The Student Council will then feedback to their pathways.

Please see below our Student Council members.

Engage Pathway Student Council Advocate

Jess P

Jess P, Teacher

Hi, my name is Jess! I am the Engage Pathway advocate.

As a Teacher in the Engage Pathway, I have a strong understanding of the children within our pathway and recognise the importance of pupil voice. I wanted to give the children the opportunity to share their ideas and feelings in a fun and meaningful way which the children would understand. I believe it is important for all children to be heard and understood!

Explore Pathway Student Council Members


Ivy, Pupil. Widget photo representing a girl with the letter I.

Hi! My name is Ivy.

I am on the student council because I want to do nice things for the school and help plan fun activities. 

Fun fact about me: I know all the Stagecoach bus routes in Sunderland and Newcastle. 



Matthew, Pupil.

Hi! My name is Matthew.

I am on the school council because I was voted by my friends and I want to arrange swimming and exercise. I also want to arrange a bigger climbing frame.

Fun fact about me is that people treat me like a VIP. 

Discover Pathway Student Council Members


Anderson, Pupil.

Hi, my name is Anderson!

I am on the student council because I want to make changes and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Fun fact about me is that I want to be an actor.



Dylan, Pupil. Photo is a widget representing a boy with the letter D.

Hi! My name is Dylan.

I am on the student council because I would like to make a difference to the school. I am very interested in politics and would like to pursue this in the future. I think that being part of the student council would give me an insight into what it would be like to be a politician.

Fun fact about me: My dream job is to be an MP or even Prime Minister one day. 



Oliver, Pupil.

Hi, my name is Oliver.

I am on the student council so that I can provide improvements in the school and make the school better. I like the school and my friends, and I like to talk to people.

Fun fact about me is that I am a very nice and understanding person.




Hi, my name is Damien!

I am on the student council because I am a good leader. 

A fun fact about me is I love Pokémon.