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Inclusiva UK

Inclusiva UK is a platform set up by one of our KS2 teachers, Chloe, in order to share stories and texts that have been adapted into accessible formats.

“As a teacher, I could never find exactly what I wanted or needed for my class to best access a story, by creating this resource, not only can children use the texts more independently, they can also hear the stories online and follow along.” Chloe Gillie, Teacher at Harry Watts Academy

InclusivaChloe’s motivation to create the platform was to enable learners who need a visual to support their understanding have access to high quality stories and texts with diverse role models, allowing them to experience the world in its entirety. In what initially started as a lockdown project to do something for her class that they could access remotely, it then turned into the idea of sharing more widely. Chloe’s adapted resources are now used across the country by fellow teachers and professionals as well as Parents and Carers.

You can access Inclusiva UK resources here:
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